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The Peatland of Froux


In the edge of the Senonche's forest, in the middle of the regional natural
park of Perche, the Biquet valley notch a basement of flint, clay and sand.
The rainy weather brings here plenty of water and lush vegetation which
favors the slow decomposition that is causing the peatland of Froux, one of
the most beautiful of the region.

Thanks to a 1,5km trail with a wooden pier, which makes the visit very
comfortable, the walkers will find some beautiful surprises.

A discovery book is available at the Tourism Office.

The Big Oak


It's a remnant of the primitive forest of La Loupe. It has a circumference of
14,30 m at the base and 8,60 m at one meter from the ground.
Subject of many tales, the Big Oak was planted in 1360 by Jeanne (daughter
of Lord de Meaucé) and Knight Montireau (before he went on a crusade) in
pledge of their loyalty. The Knight lost life during the crusade, and the young
woman died of grief.
Some time later, the oak had to be cut, but the lumberjack's tools broke on
the tree... everybody thought of a miracle.
King Henry IV frequently rested at the Big Oak, especially hunting days.

The regional natural park of Perche

Photo credit: Park House

The natural regional park of Perche covers 182,000 hectares and two

departments : the Orne and the Eure-et-Loir. 126 municipalities are adhering

to the Charter of the Park. The House of the park is located on the Domain

Courboyer in Nocé (Orne) : there is reception and a tourist information center,

a shop and a restaurant with Perche local products, a fifteenth century manor

open to visit the park's offices, a pond and an area of 65 hectares with

Percheron horses, donkeys and Normandy cows.

The park has different missions:
* The protection and management of natural and cultural heritage
* Regional Planning
* Economic and social development of the territory
* Hospitality, education and public information

Informations :

+33 237 257 010

Pond of Perruchet

St Eliph et St Victor de Buthon

The Perruchet pond is one of the most interesting in the department. The

avifauna is very rich, whatever the time of the year. This is the only site in

Eure-et-Loir colonized by black-necked Grebe during the nesting and

reproduction of Pochard ducks.

During migrations, the pond is a renowned stage : Shoveler duck, Pochard or

rare species such as the Red-crested Pochard or Greylag Goose, for the

family of ducks, and the European Sandpiper, the Eurasian Curlew or the

Great White Egret for the waders family, can stay for several days.

Raptors, like the Osprey, are also regularly observed.



* April 1st till October 31st

From Monday to Friday:
From 10 am till noon and from 3pm till 5pm

From 10 am till noon

* Of the November 1st on March 31st

Tuesday, Thursday:
From 10 am till noon and from 3pm till 5pm

From 10 am till noon

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The guide of the municipalitiesof La Loupe.
With this guide, you will discover all the wealth of our territory...

Guide of the municipalities

The practical guide of the canton of La Loupe.
You look for an accommodation, for a restaurant, for a phone number...
This guide is for you !

Guide of La Loupe and its neighborhood

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